Are you prepared for death? I mean … REALLY?

Are you basing your preparation for death (and life) on something you heard somewhere? How do you really know if what you heard is true? People seem so ill prepared for something so critical to their future (and present) experience, and they rarely investigate it or talk about it in the mainstream.

Many people have settled on the “American Folklore,” feeling that nearly everyone and their pets and relatives will be in Heaven.

But the source where we even get the idea that there is a Heaven … the Bible … says something quite different. (Quoting Jesus) “Someone asked Him, “Lord, will only a few people be saved?” He answered them, “Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and the road broad that leads to destruction, and those who enter through it are many. How narrow the gate and constricted the road that leads to life. And those who find it are few.” (Luke 13:23, Matt. 7:13-4)

“Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father in heaven. Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name? Did we not drive out demons in your name? Did we not do mighty deeds in your name?’ Then I will declare to them solemnly, ‘I never knew you. Depart from me, you evildoers.’” (Matt. 7:21-23). (So even many of those who say they are Christians and who even do works in the name of Jesus aren’t going to Heaven.)

A logical conclusion here is: if the Bible is in error about what I just spelled out, then any and everything that it says that can’t be directly proven is suspect … including the concepts of Heaven and Hell and what the criteria will be for determining where you will be going. Therefore, a person can't accept that there is a Heaven without accepting that only a small percentage of people will make it to Heaven.

Or maybe you think that death will just be lights out. But believing that is a big gamble that you are making that might turn out disastrously … especially given the fact that the Bible CAN be PROVEN to be a book of truth. So then the Clint Eastwood line applies to your choice here, “Do you feel lucky?” But we shouldn’t cast the fate of our eternal destiny on luck or hearsay. That’s too important a decision, given that ETERNITY IS FOREVER.

• Are you too intelligent to blindly believe something that a religion, church, so-called science authority or subculture says is the truth about death and the afterlife?

• That is, do you require PROOF before accepting an explanation?

• But do you also recognize that you had better resolve the issue of death before you die? And are you absolutely comfortable with how you've resolved it so far?

If you want to be prepared for death BASED ON REALITY, this course will help you do that, starting with the book THE PROOF that God exists and the Bible is true. It shows that when science, logic, experience and statistics are taken to their nth degrees, they end up proving that God exists and the Bible is true.

Then the next step is to know and understand what the Bible has to say about death and to understand the GOOD reasons behind God’s determinations about death. Once you know and understand the truth of these things, then you will be able to make a good choice and have some control over your eternal fate.

Through this course you will be shown how to have all the knowledge, understanding and wisdom you’ll need to be assured of Heaven. And you will have the assurance that what you are basing your decision on is backed by science. And it's good to keep in mind that these things aren't easily gotten through church. If they were, the gate to Heaven wouldn't be narrow, and it wouldn't be shut to people who called Jesus "Lord" and did works in His name.

The "How To Understand And Directly Experience God" Course
("In Spirit and in Truth")

“I’d rather live with Him in His world, than without Him in mine.”
From “Midnight Train To Georgia”

This course shows you how to have great confidence that God exists and the Bible is all true, and how to tangibly and in the present connect to and be in union with God in:
Heart (where you will primarily experience peace, love, confidence, inner strength, security … and not be intimidated or worry)
Mind (where you will never be in confusion or boredom or question God, only understand Him … and you will KNOW and be able to PROVE that it is God who you are experiencing)
Spirit (where you'll continually experience God's guidance, inSpiration and active presence - thus fulfilling the Bible’s directive to "Pray without ceasing")
Life (where your every moment will find great purpose)

This is a 12-lesson course that shows you how to have the ultimate freedom possible by a human being. It has a reading and a set of great exercises for each lesson that you do at your own pace. You then turn in your answers to the questions and receive feedback, all leading to a final exam. After completing this course you will be an EXPERT in Christianity, spirituality, theology, and life itself, and will have come to the ultimate philosophy. And you will know how to experience a freedom and confidence that will last a lifetime (as it has me for 31 years now). It contains the condensed results (made simple) of over 40 years of vast, continual and intensely focused studies in these areas that have yielded successful personal outcomes in mind, heart and spirit.

It starts with you analyzing what you think and feel about life and what you believe is true. Then it goes into analyzing where you got your beliefs and how provable they are, as well as the roots of your thoughts and feelings and if they are producing the best possible experiential and life results for you.

Then it shows you how to accomplish all of the above heart, mind, spirit and life transitions, and takes you step by step through those transitions.

The result of this course is that you will have the utmost confidence that God exists and the Bible is true; and you will KNOW how to directly experience God (Father, Son and Spirit); and you will KNOW that it is God who you are experiencing. Through this course you will build such a strong inner foundation for yourself that nothing in the world will ever be able to confuse you, intimidate you or take it away. On completion of this course you will receive a certificate, validating this tremendous accomplishment on your part.

Personal coaching is also available.

What's in this course? (Jesus said "the now here, when the true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and truth, for the Father seeks such to be his worshippers." John 4:23)

The "In Truth" section: Lessons 1-7
(1) Examining your personal beliefs (and where you got them)
(2) Examining your approach to life (and where you got that)
(3) Examining your approach to others and the world
(4) Examining the errors in all of the above and in the world
(5) 10 Conclusive Proofs That God Exists And The Bible Is True
(6) Understanding God
(7) How the Bible shows that the errors in #(4) can be resolved

The "In Spirit" section: Lessons 8-11
(8) How to tangibly feel the presence of God’s Spirit in the present
(9) How to know and identify with God’s heart
(10) How to experience God the Father’s presence through expressions from His mind and through His spiritual manifestation in addition to the Holy Spirit
(11) How to experience Jesus

(12) The Final Exam

The cost: $148 for downloadable ($177 for physical copies). This includes the course materials (2 books and 2 workbooks), having your lessons examined and feedback given to them.

You will be set for the rest of your life and eternity in that as a result of this course you will have made a solid connection in mind, heart and spirit with God, your creator. Plus you will be an effective presenter and defender of God. And if you do the lessons in the course diligently, no one will ever be able to trip you up in a conversation about God and life. I testify to all of the positive transitions that I've said here as a before-and-after story myself ... as well as others who have made these transitions as a result of them availing themselves to my work.

What a great once-time-in-your life investment to make in order to be able to resolve all of the basic questions about life and eternity. I don't want to sound salesy, but I DO want to communicate my enthusiasm and assurance that you will be getting something VERY valuable here ... in fact, what I have found to be the MOST valuable thing in life. And when you understand and apply what is in this course, the rest of your life will just fall into place within God's perfect plan.

You might consider this to be a big investment, in terms of time and money, but what more important thing can you do than to finally settle the questions about your eternity and how your life now should best be approached? And by "settled" I don't mean answers that are based on hearsay, but rather: answers that can be PROVEN to be true. Think about how you (and most people) spend your time and money. In that perspective, the time and money you will be investing here is small. And with this investment that you will only need to make once in your life, it will save you a lot of time and money and troubles over your lifetime.

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These are the materials included in this course (for instant download):

A reflection on life from a personal point of view
By Dennis Marcellino (the author and administrator of this course)

It’s funny (well, not comically funny) how people constantly seek security in things and plans and relationships. For example: a college education (yet many college grads don’t work in the occupation of their degree), investments (which sometimes fail), hobbies and money (and you can’t take them with you), and relationships, which will often abandon you or disappoint you or be a source of conflict. But none of these are permanent and therefore these things and plans and relationships aren’t ultimately secure. (And like I’ve pointed out, often are only temporarily secure for a short time). They all will vanish at one point.

Yet people get so absorbed in these things that their life loses focus on and inclusion of what it was MADE for and what DOES bring ultimate security – a relationship with their creator that is based in heart, mind, spirit and the actions of their life. This is the way it should be: the heart hears, pays attention to, and obeys God’s Spirit. The mind seeks, dwells on and understands God’s ways and desires for their inner and outer life. And the will has as its primary life project to perfect our being and spread God and His perfection and plan. So, based on this understanding, the actions of our life are directed.

But the actions of most lives have been to seek security (while even feeling like that security is permanent), to survive, and to seek pleasure. For most lives now (and especially in the "mainstream" of society), God has been squeezed out of the equation. This is a lot like a car refusing to travel and carry passengers, not recognizing that those are the things it was MADE for. We didn’t make ourselves. Nor will be able to stop our physical existence from ending. Where is the security in that?

Where then is the ultimate meaning in investments and accumulations and relationships and routines? Obviously, there is none. That’s why I said “It’s funny”.

It’s obviously not comically funny, but rather it is puzzling how people come to ignore their creator, and how their creator’s intended purpose for their lives and why He created them becomes unimportant, or at least very low on their list of priorities. The priorities that become high on their list are physical survival, traditions and pleasures. And that’s a shame, because they’ve (and maybe unknowingly) traded in a perfect God for an imperfect world. But God wants them in His perfect world (Heaven) and therefore will knock on the door of their heart … and leave an unfulfilled void in them … and raise up messengers like me who will answer His call to communicate what is true, what is truly important, and why He is ultimately not only critically important, but perfectly good.

I look back over my 60 plus years of living on this planet often now, and the one thing that strikes me the most is: how I had some GREAT things and circumstances in my life, and how I didn’t appreciate them at the time. Why? Because I didn’t have my priorities right and had yet to fulfill the ultimate purpose of my life (which is the same ultimate purpose of every life), which is: to come to know God, have a relationship with Him, serve Him, be in union with Him, live our life through Him … and when our days are over, have an eternity with Him in the perfect Heaven He has created (which the Bible says will be so good that it is not even possible for a human being to imagine how good).

I write now in hopes of helping others see the most important priority, how to understand "the truth" of everything about it (as opposed to our or others' preconceived notions and beliefs that we may have latched onto), and how to be union with it. And as we each understand and stand for that, we automatically help others to merge with that in themselves. Because we as humans are very sheep-like creatures who want to get along with our environment. And because of that, we are too prone to bending to get along. But unfortunately, the environment has very little understanding of or union with God. Therefore when we bend for the sake of getting along and a feeling of belonging, we often bend in the wrong direction. So because the world is off in many ways, and because God is far from most people, we often have to find Him on our own. A church can help, but still it is good to find Him on our own ... to master the vertical relationship before approaching the horizontal. That’s why I've written the books presented here … to show people how to do that. Because, once a person has accomplished how to know God in mind, in spirit and in heart, they are (as the Bible says) “
free indeed
” (a freedom that I've experienced for 31 years now since understanding these things ... a freedom that I didn't previously have). And as they get good at those skills, they become immune from being confused or swayed by anyone. In fact, they become swayers themselves … but in a good direction. And the world badly needs that. But these are skills that just don’t automatically get picked up in church or on our own. They must be learned. And the books presented here teach those skills and show to how transform to them.

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